7 Action News reporter Ronnie Dahl heads to Africa to help young girls

WXYZ - You've watched her take on illegal dumpers, scam artists and city hall to help Detroiters, but for the next two weeks, 7 Action News Reporter Ronnie Dahl will tackle a mission very dear to her heart.

Ronnie's headed to Africa to help girls in the impoverished continent.

Ronnie isn't going it alone either, she's taking her twin sister Kay Ponicall, co-founder of the "Suite Dreams Project" http://suitedreamsproject.org/ and Kay's daughter Emma who is proud to help girls close to her age own age find hope and strength through giving back to others.

The trio will be busy helping create more living space inside a dorm for more than 60 girls living in an orphanage.

Ronnie's niece, Emma is excited about helping sponsor some of the orphans and hopes to build lasting relationships with the girls. 

If you would like to know more about the Suite Dreams Project and track the great work that their doing, check out the link above, or call at 248-601-0799 for more.