Birmingham Restaurant Week kicks off January 27th

(WXYZ) - Treat yourself to delicious menu items at discounted prices during Birmingham's popular Restaurant Week event.  It runs from from January 27 through February 7.

Enjoy three-course lunches for $15 and three-course dinners for $30! Many of Birmingham's finest restaurants will be participating including Toast, Forest Grill, Townhouse Bistro, Rojo Mexican Bistro and What Crepe?

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Smores French Toast

3 Slices                        Challah bread

2 cups              French toast batter (see recipe)

2 cups              Graham cracker crumbs

2 oz.                 butter

2 oz.                 Chocolate syrup

2 oz.                 Marshmallow fluff

·         Place French toast batter and graham cracker crumbs into separate shallow pans

·         Dip the challah slices in

·         to the French toast batter

·         Coat both sides of the challah in the graham cracker crumbs

·         Place butter in a large sauté pan turn to medium heat

·         Once the butter is melted, gently place the crusted challah into the pan

·         Cook on each side until golden brown (about 2 min. per side)

·         Take the challah out of the pan and cut the slices in half

·         Arrange on a plate and drizzle with chocolate sauce

·         Pipe the marshmallow fluff onto the French toast

·         Toast the marshmallow fluff with a crème brulee torch

·         ENJOY!

French Toast Batter

6 ea.                eggs

½ cup               whole milk

½                     teaspoon cinnamon

2                      tablespoon granulated sugar

·         Combine all ingredients into a bowl and whisk together

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