Gastronomy is Metro Detroit's newest dining destination

SOUTHFIELD, MICH (WXYZ) - Gastronomy - A Modern American Bistro is Metro Detroit's newest dining destination.

The restaurant is located in the Baker Tilly building at 1 Towne Square in Southfield.  Gastronomy is modern in every sense of the word, from cuisine and culinary technique to ambiance and experience. The principal foundation of the restaurant is that it embodies the definition of Gastronomy, meaning the art or science of good eating. Using the term "American" not only signifies the multicultural influences over the menu, but the caveat that no ingredients in the kitchen, or wines on the list, will come from foreign soil; even down to staple items like salt, olive oil, and coffee are American made/grown. Executive Chef Adam Hightower and his team embrace the art of food, offering diners four-star food and service while never being pretentious. 


 Pan Seared Scallop


·        Jumbo ( U-10 ) Scallop

·        1 oz-Canola/Veg Oil

·        Kosher Salt

·        1- Non Stick sauté Pan

·        1-Off Set Spatula

·        2 sheets paper towel

1.     Lay out one of the two sheets of paper towel on a clean sanitized surface

2.     Arrange the scallop's on top of the paper towel and begin to blot the excess moisture of the scallop with the other paper towel. This will insure proper color on scallop when seasoning

3.     Evenly season both sides of the Scallop with kosher salt

4.     Place your nonstick sauté pan on high heat with the oil evenly spread throughout the pan. Make sure the pan is well heated before adding the scallop

5.     Carefully place your scallop in the hot sauté pan. Make sure when placing the scallop in the pan your place it away from your body, to make sure no hot oil splashes on your hand or arm

6.     Turn the heat down to medium/low and carefully flip the scallop when the bottom side is golden brown in color

7.     Continue to heat the scallop on the reverse side for another 2-3 min depending on your liking. Once the scallop is finished remove it from the pan and let rest for 1-2min. This is to let all excess moisture come out from the scallop.


Red Pepper & Bacon Jam


·        1lb- medium sliced bacon

·        2 cloves- peeled whole garlic

·        2 large- peeled shallots

·        1 oz- canola/vegetable oil

·        2 each- red bell peppers

·        2 ½ oz- sherry or red wine vinegar

·        ¼ cup- brown sugar

·        Kosher salt- as needed

1.     Dice bacon into small to medium cubes

2.     Dice the red bell pepper to a small to medium dice

3.     Fine mince the garlic, adding a small amount of water will help prevent the garlic from sticking and also giving it a more fine mince

4.     Mince shallot

5.     Heat your sauté pan with the canola/vegetable oil until hot.

6.     Add your bacon and then lower the heat to a low/medium.

7.     Let your bacon cook until its half way crisp and then add your peppers

8.     Let the pepper cook down to a very soft texture and then add your garlic and shallots.

9.     Cook the garlic and shallots for around 1-2 min, be sure not to burn the garlic.

10.                         Stir in your vinegar and sugar

11.                         Cook the mixture until it becomes thick from the sugar caramelizing

12.                         Carefully taste the mixture and season with salt as necessary.



Vanilla Tapioca Risotto


·        1 bg- tapioca pearls

·        1 small/medium- white onion

·        1 each- whole vanilla bean

·         ½ cup- heavy cream

·        1 cup- chicken or vegetable stock

·        ¾ cup- grated or shredded parmesan cheese

·        Kosher salt- as needed

·        1 oz- canola/vegetable oil

1.     Peel and small dice onion

2.     Grate or shred ¾ cup of parmesan or an Asiago cheese

3.     Rinse tapioca pearls under cold water to remove any excess starch

4.     Preheat a sauté or small sauce pan with the canola or vegetable oil

5.     Add the small dice onions until slightly translucent

6.     Split the vanilla bean length wise and add to the sautéed onions

7.     Gradually add the stock and mix at the same time until the stock is gone

8.      Cook the tapioca until tender

9.     When the tapioca is tender slowly whisk in the cream

10.                         Cook until the cream begins to thicken and then stir in your grated cheese

11.                         Finish with salt as needed



Sweet Corn Puree


·        2 cups- fresh or frozen corn

·        1 medium- white onion

·        ½ cup- heavy cream

·        ¼ cup- chicken or vegetable stock

·        ¼ cup- granulated sugar

·        1 tsp- cayenne pepper

·        Kosher salt- as needed

·        1 oz- canola or vegetable oil

1.     Small dice onion

2.     Heat sauté pan with the oil until smoking hot

3.     Add onions

and cook to translucent

4.     Add the corn and cook for 1-2 min

5.     Lower heat to low/med and add the cream and stock

6.     Cook until cream starts to thicken

7.     Add sugar and cayenne

8.     Season and taste with salt

9.     Remove from heat and gradually add to a blender

10.             Start the blender on low and gradually move to high

11.             Blend the corn mixture until it becomes very smooth

12.             Taste and re-season if necessary

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