GMA contributor Tory Johnson shares dramatic weight loss story, promotes new book 'The Shift'

(WXYZ) - Good Morning America contributor Tory Johnson went through a dramatic transformation over the past 18 months that has impacted her life.  She stopped by the Channel 7 studios to share her story that she details in her new book "The Shift".

In her early 20s, Tory was fired from a job she loved. That experience freaked her out so much that she decided to chart her own course by shifting from employee to entrepreneur. So for the past 14 years she has helped women advance their careers and launch their own businesses with her two million-dollar businesses, Women For Hire and Spark & Hustle.

Not only was she running two very successful businesses, but she also was a weekly contributor on ABC's Good Morning America.

While she was living her dream job and happily married with two great kids, another part of her life was a mess.

She says she was fat and always had been.

She said she hated the way she looked and fooled herself into thinking she could hide behind clothes. She says she tried every fad diet and failed each and every time. At some point she gave up on diets, convinced that being plus-sized was her destiny.

Then a few weeks before Christmas 2011, a single conversation changed her life forever. It had a life-altering impact on her—one that was far more powerful than being fired decades earlier. This time, a TV executive told her she needed to lose weight.

Click here for more information on Tory's book "The Shift"

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