Great Mother's Day Craft Ideas

Easy Craft Ideas Mom Will Love

WXYZ - Mother's Day is May 11, and Jim Higley with and Award-Winning Author and National Fatherhood and Men's Health Advocate, came by the 7 Action News studio to help us make some handmade gifts that will make Mom feel special.

What Mom isn't going to love starting her day with breakfast in bed? That's always a classic, but there's another DYI idea to get the kids involved. Jim has a great craft that Dad can help the kids make that involves a favorite photo, some drug store picture frames and a few markers, as the kids get older, Mom can switch out the photos.

Jim says real flowers are always great, but tissue paper flowers will last a life-time and with just a few materials, it's not only easy to make but also cost worthy. From the fake stuff to the real thing, take the kids to the local hardware store and pick-up a few plant or herb gardens so that the kids can experience the wonder of plant and flower growth. Decorating a bird house is also a way to show Mom your artistic style. 

Another activity you can do online is go to and buy a star in you Mom's name, they will send you the kit and guide you through the steps and even send you a map to locate the star. You can also hashtag or Instagram a photo of your Mom and turn you message and photo into a greeting card. 

From personalized kites to Handmade Cards, have fun with these great ideas just for Mom to show her she's the gem of your life, enjoy and Happy Mother's Day to every Mom.