Kenny the Car Guy Walters offers tips and tricks to protect your car in any weather, so it keeps you

(WXYZ) - As the leaves change color and the temperatures cool, it's time to take a look under the hood of our cars. Seasonal changes are important car care times, just as we ease ourselves through the transitions of weather, cars need to acclimate to changes in temperature, road condition and the elements.

This fall, these are the top priorities if you want your car to serve you well come winter, says Kenny "the Car Guy" Walters, owner of the award-winning auto shop Mufflers and More, which won top nod for the fourth year in the recent Click on Detroit contest.

Walters "must do" list includes:

· Make sure your car battery is fully charged.

·Check all fluids and fill any that are low.

·Inspect your tires – you want good treads, not worn down, to prevent slipping when it gets icy.

·Check your alignment – if it's off, you'll find yourself bumping, knocking and steering oddly all winter. Plus, your tires will wear unevenly, and you may experience shaking and pulling.

·Keep the under-body clean – wash your car as often as possible, especially when there's salt on the roads.

Walters says the key to preventive is maintenance.

"Just like we schedule annual doctor checkups to make sure everything is working right and we're healthy, we need to do the same for our vehicles," says Walters.

According to recent research, Americans are too lax about car care – until something happens. A DriverSide study by Kelton Research shows that 9 out of 10 American car owners believe they do everything possible to maintain their cars but in reality, only 41 percent actually do. Walters advises clients to develop a long-term maintenance plan so they know when to check back in and make sure everything is working as it should.

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