Marketing Your Home to Generations X and Y -- Tips for Success

Younger buyers are expected to enter metro Detroit's real-estate market in large numbers this house-hunting season.

The improving economy and historically-low interest rates are enticing these buyers to get off the sidelines and hit the market in full force. These buyers, who are generally Generations X and Y, look at homes very differently from previous generations. If you plan to sell this year, the following are tips to make your home appeal to these key buyers.

1. Create a great first impression. Generations X and Y typically start their home searches online. Select an agent who understands the importance of creating a strong visual presentation of your home.

2. Utilize social media to market your home. Younger buyers are accustomed to tapping into sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for information. Select an agent who understands these tools and can use them to market your home.

3. Focus on the family, keep decor casual and informal. When staging your home for sale, keep in mind that Generations X and Y tend to be much more informal than previous generations. Their goal is to have a relaxed, comfortable home that is family-friendly.

4. Present a turnkey home. Younger buyers are often busy with family and career. They will not have time available to invest in home projects and updates. These buyers tend to look for "move-in ready" homes that require minimal updates.

5. Select an agent who understands this buyer. As a seller, it's important to select an agent who understands the needs of younger buyers and can market your home accordingly to achieve the best results.

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