Meijer Shares the ABC's of Back to School Fashion

(WXYZ) - It's time to start preparing to head back to school.

The Meijer Style team plans to help customers review the ABC's of Meijer fashions. Back to school trends for the upcoming school year include:

A: Athletic influences have made their way into the season's new fashions. Look for raglan sleeves, sweatshirt body tees and draw strings on many pieces. Banded legged pants, known as joggers, are perfect for class and casual social outings.

B: Brights are back. Bright colors of green, blue, pink, yellow and orange add newness to hoodies and kids apparel. Mix and match patterns and colors as pieces are layered this fall. Everyone has their own unique style.

C: Cozies are a must have. We can't stop the weather from getting cooler, but we can look good as we ward off the cold with oversized cozy sweaters. Fly away cardigans are also added to the mix. Soft and warm in slub and bulky knit textures. These pieces are the on the "final exam" ….layering piece that is.

Hot trends for juniors and girls include: jogger pants and pattern leggings, tribal prints, chiffon, lace and small floral prints, flowing high-low hems on shirts and skirts and skater dresses for flair.

Popular trends for young men and boys include: plaid shirts, layer patterned shirts over tees, hoodies in many styles: zip front, pull-over, light weight, brights and patterns….even styles with built-in head phones, and the ever-popular denim.

Creating a unique personal style through layering and the mixing and matching of colors and patterns will get a student to school looking and feeling good. To see more Meijer fashions visit