One of metro Detroit's Brightest and Best

Redford Teen Battles Back From Brain Cancer

(WXYZ) - This weekend for the 33rd year in a row we'll be celebrating the Brightest and Best here in Michigan.

High school seniors who are graduating at the top of their class.

Action News Anchor Carolyn Clifford revisited a teen who is the runner up for the honor of Brightest and Best this year from Consortium College Prep High School in Detroit.

Her name is Adovia Alston and she's an amazing student, school leader and even a cheerleader.

We first met Adovia when she was only 9 right before Christmas in 2004. During our interview she had tears falling from her eyes as she remembered battling brain cancer that lead to excruciating headaches from a tumor.

Adovia was suffering from Medullablastoma . Her mom, Stacy Powe searched the internet for a glimmer of hope. It lead her to Saint Jude Children's Hospital in Tennessee where Adovia underwent 8 grueling months of radiation, chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. Doctors told her mom she probably would not be alive today, and would not walk or be a good student.

But Adovia beat all of those odds. Even doing a commericial for Saint Jude's.

Now at 18 Adovia's cancer remains in remission. She's set to graduate from high school on June 6th.

Despite traveling to Saint Jude twice a year, Adovia was a cheerleader, president of the national honor society and has maintained nearly perfect grades. She and another student are co-valedictorians for 2012.

Her message to people who are facing incredible odds not in their favor is even if people say you can't do something, you can do whatever is in your heart.

So when WXYZ called Adovia's school for the student who would be selected as the Brightest and Best, they could only choose one, and Adovia applauded her classmate who received the honor.

Adovia says just being alive is honor enough and she credits the man upstairs for her many blessings.  So it's our honor to salute Adovia Alston as one of our "unofficial" Brightest and Best for 2012.

You can see her inspiring story in the video player above.


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