RECIPE: Brussel sprout and roasted squash hash

(WXYZ) - If you're planning a meal and looking for a delicious side dish.  We have the perfect recipe for you.

Brussel Sprout & Roasted Squash Hash


Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Squash Hash with White Bean and Chorizo Vinaigrette

8 oz  Brussels Sprouts, cut in half and blanched
8 oz  Butternut Squash, large dice and blanched
As Needed Clarified Butter
As Needed Salt and Pepper

Method: Sauté Brussels sprouts and squash in clarified butter until golden brown.  Add vinaigrette and season with salt and pepper.

2 oz  Spanish Chorizo
¼ C  Cooked White Beans
1 ea  Shallot, Minced
2 ea  Garlic Cloves
3 ea  Sprigs of Thyme
1 C  Pommace Olive Oil
½ C  Sherry Vinegar

Method: Render chorizo until crispy.  Add beans, shallot, garlic, and sweat until fragrant.  Deglaze with sherry vinegar.  Add thyme and olive oil, season with salt a pepper.


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