Saturday, May 4 is Free Comic Book Day

(WXYZ) - The first Saturday in May is almost a holiday to comic book fans, because it's National Free Comic Book Day.

Publishers use the day to show off their characters and to attract new readers.

This year the Big Blue Boy Scout is headlining the action, as DC Comics is showing off the resigned Superman in the ramp up to this year's blockbuster Man of Steel movie.

Superman underwent the redesign about 2 years ago when DC rebooted their entire "universe" with The New 52 event.

As part of Free Comic Book Day 2013, DC is offering a special edition of Superman: Last Son of Krypton #1. It contains the first chapter of the best-selling graphic novel Superman: Last Son of Krypton and a sneak peek of the new series Superman Unchained, which launches June 14.

June 14 is also the day that Superman returns to theaters in Man of Steel.

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