Singer Olivia Millerschin performs live at the Broadcast House

"Over The Weather"

WXYZ - Clever and witty, melodic and musically quirky as ever, Olivia Millerschin is feeling a bit Over The Weather these days, infusing her latest EP with all the colorful elements (pop, jazz, folk, soul) and wry turns of phrase that made her debut album Yes.No.Maybe So so popular and infectious – and led to its nomination for Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Recording at the 2014 Detroit Music Awards.

Olivia dropped in on the Channel 7 Morning show and brought the house down! Olivia's toe-tapping, feel good sound had everyone moving and grooving. 

The multi-talented singer/songwriter is penning her observational gems from a fresh starting point: 18 years old, attending college and a year of touring under her belt. The EP’s first single “We Know Not” is produced by Andrew Williams.

Olivia will be performing April 25, at the Detroit Music Awards at the Filmore Theatre in Detroit, for a complete look at her tour dates and how you can keep track of her music,  click here