Diana Lewis begins search for man who saved her in Atlanta

(WXYZ) - "I walked out these doors, all I wanted was some fast food, and it ended with an experience that changed my life."

Tracing the same steps, reliving the feeling, I joined mom, Diana Lewis, on a journey back through a dark time in her life.

It happened in October 1986 during what was supposed to be one of the brightest times in her career. She was hired as International Anchor for CNN Atlanta but she would never make it to the anchor desk.

Yet 26 years later when we returned, CNN Atlanta received her as one of their own. They offered more than just an ear when she began her frightening tale.

"I was preoccupied because my daughter broke out in hives. It was my first time away from her. I made a wrong turn; it was like I walked into the Twilight Zone."

On foot and in search of some fast food, mom found herself on an Atlanta side street staring down a man who made it clear, he meant harm.

"He had a long brown coat and brown hat. As he turned,  he put his hand in his pocket to walk up to me. I have never experienced that kind of fear.  I hollered out 'Dear God help me, please someone help me.'"

Then, to this day, mom swears she was sent an angel.

"I ran to him and he picked me up and I was soaking wet and he said, ‘Miss, I work out at the health club two to three nights a week and I have never come across this railroad track. Something led me this way,'" my mom recalled.

Now, my mom is on a quest to find that angel and thank him.

"You're looking for the guy who saved you, I'm looking forward to a happy ending" said CNN Senior Executive Producer Michael Schulder.

You can watch the full story in the video player above and help my mom find this man by sharing the story with others. If you have any details on this man please contact WXYZdesk@wxyz.com.

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