Great tips for helping your kids do well in school this upcoming year

(WXYZ) - For plenty of families heading back to school can be a stressful time of year.

While it's great when children enjoy a safe summer and feel eager to return to class, buying school supplies, adjusting schedules, and changing daily routines can cause anxiety for both parents and students.

Now that schools are opening their doors again, it's the perfect time to look at guidelines for a smooth transition from summer:

  • Sleep and eat well – Implement a regular sleep schedule and healthy eating plan.  Developing  good habits in these areas help your student maintain good concentration for A-1 performance in the classroom.
  • Have the right attitude – In everything from the student expecting to take a test, or the parent meeting with a teacher, approaching tasks with positive thoughts can make a difference. Keep an attitude of "I Can".
  • Stay organized – Encourage your student to utilize their planner for all events, from school responsibilities to daily chores at home. Review your students planner weekly with them and ask questions.
  • Maintain balance in studies and social life – Academics are the priority, but students need a healthy mix of extra-curricular activity and "down time" for hobbies and friends.
  • Understand what your teacher wants – Students and parents should clearly communicate with teachers about what's required for success throughout the school year.
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