VIDEO: Camera captures a snowboarder's perspective as he tumbles down a mountain

(RTM) - In today's RightThisMinute Video – a snowboarder takes a frightening fall and it's all caught on camera.

In the video you can see 18-year-old Soren Arnevik tumble down Slushman's ridge at Bridger Bowl in Montana.

The snowboarder says this particular route was too advanced for his skill level.

He fell after he removed his snowboard to make his way down on foot.


Soren wasn't wearing a helmet and admits he was lucky to come out of the accident alive.

"I broke the C-3 on my neck and it was super close to the spinal cord and the nerve that connects to your diaphragm and if that would have been cut off it could have stopped my breathing," says Soren.

Ski patrol retrieved Soren's camera and they were able to get him safely down the mountain.

He plans to continue snowboarding once he heals - but will wear a helmet from now on.

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