Women warn about black market butt injections

(WXYZ) - You hear about the appeal of rounder rear-ends in songs like Bootilicious by Destiny's Child. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez are also praised for their bigger back-sides.

However, procedures to plump up your derriere with silicone can cost up $10,000. But some people have found a cheaper way to get it done through the black market.

7 Action News spoke to one woman who received black market butt injections. She wanted to only be referred to as Krissy. She says the so-called technicians can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

"That's better than being a drug dealer," said Krissy. "I mean, really you're making a lot of money… a lot of money."

Krissy told 7 Action News she got the black market shots a year ago and paid $500. According to Krissy, she went with three other friends. She said they vowed to not tell anyone.

It was a mistake that proved to be deadly.  Days later, one of her friends went into septic shock.

"She died from not saying anything - from the stigma or whatever," said Krissy. "She was in her mid-20s. She was small.  She was not out of shape. She went to the gym.  She worked out every day and She did not use drugs."

By the time Krissy made it to the hospital, it was too late to tell doctors about her friend's procedure and she died.

Recently, 7 Action News introduced you to Keke who was told she would have to have a partial rear-end amputation. She had been injected with industrial strength silicone, which is much harsher than the expensive medical grade.

Fortunately, Keke's body has started to heal itself and surgery may not be needed.

In the black market world, Keke told 7 Action News industrial strength silicone is commonly used because it is cheaper. She said also went into septic shock, just like Krissy's friend. 

However, Keke told doctors about her injections and they quickly treated her. She was saddened to hear about Krissy's friend.

"That story will forever stick with me because I know how people can feel the shame and the embarrassment and not even go to the hospital," said Keke.

In the black market world, Krissy told 7 Action News it takes months to a year to find someone to do the procedure.

According to Krissy and Keke, so-called technicians have to screen you to make sure they are not being set up and then you meet a scheduled place, like a hotel room. The women said you would be surprised at the number of people lining up to get it done.

"I would say out of every five people I know at least one of them has it done, at least one, and that's who tells -  that's who actually comes forward and says it," said Krissy.

Division Head of Plastic Surgery at Henry Ford Hospital, Dr. Aamir Siddiqui has seen a lot of cases of woman suffering terrible side effects of these injections.

"Obviously it has never been tested in humans. It was never intended for this use," Dr. Siddiqui. "So when it breaks down - what it turns into, what they mix it with, obviously there could be toxic materials in there."

Dr. Siddiqui believes some women don't think of silicone shots as a true medical procedure and that could be stopping them from seeing a real physician.

For those hoping to spend a lot less and get the look they want Krissy warns it's not worth it and it could take your life too.

"You can die, or you can be in a coma and nobody knows why," said Krissy. "Your body can just start to shut down. You could just be laying there for the rest of your life on life support. You don't know what can happen to you."

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