Yahoo! expands New Child Leave to 8 weeks, adds other new programs for employees

(WXYZ) - As part of a company wide effort to make it "the absolute best place to work, " Yahoo! is rolling out several new initiatives that their employees can take advantage of.

According to a Yahoo! spokesperson, among the new benefits is the expansion of New Child Leave with benefits.

Under the new policy, mothers and fathers can now take up to eight weeks off following the addition of a new child to the family. It doesn't matter if the child arrived through birth, adoption, foster child placement or surrogacy.

New moms can also take another eight weeks of paid leave off, following pregnancy.

Yahoo! is also picking up the bill, up to a total of $500, for "daily habits" when an employee brings home a new child. These "daily habits" apply to things like laundry, house cleaning, groceries, take-out food and child care.

The arrival of a new baby will also bring with it Yahoo!-branded baby gifts from the company. Gifts will also be sent out to parents who add a new four footed family member.

These programs were launched at the same time that Yahoo! began offering up to eight weeks of unpaid leave every time an employee passes a 5-year milestone.

They follow other initiatives like free food from the company, new smartphones that will encourage innovation and updated computers.

Yahoo! is also rolling out new quarterly and annual goals for both the company and individual employees, as well as internal feedback tools and weekly meetings to transparently address topics important to the company.

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