Anu Prakash


Since joining WXYZ, Anu Prakash has been reporting on the tough and touching stories of Metro Detroit. Anu feels it is a big responsibility and she is honored to be able to share other people's lives with viewers.

She also co-anchors the weekend morning show.

Anu has been inspired by the courage and strength that individuals have shown throughout her career. One story in particular that impacted her greatly was of a man who had been severely injured in an accident and bound to a wheel chair. He was unable to work for many months, but in spite of this, his employer kept his position open and his office ready for his return. Anu had the privilege of reporting on the joyous event of his return to work after his grueling recovery. "It was such a good feeling to be able to share in this man's accomplishment and to celebrate in his happiness."

Raised by wonderfully loving and supportive parents, part of the family's evening activities was to watch the national news. Anu was always aware of what was going on around her. While studying Business at Ohio State University, Anu developed an interest in broadcasting and reporting. She began to help out OSU's campus television station and has been in the industry ever since.

When Anu is not working, you will find her spending time with friends and family. A few of her hobbies that she enjoys are photography and extensive traveling. She also watches basketball and college football, but we won't say who she roots for.

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio, Anu now resides in Oakland County and is actively involved in the surrounding community.

If you have any stories or questions for Anu email her at .