Jonathan Carlson

(WXYZ) - A multiple Emmy nominated veteran reporter and anchor, Jonathan Carlson joined the 7 Action News team in June 2014, as a member of “The Investigators,” the station’s award-winning and nationally recognized investigative unit.

Carlson is known for his aggressive reporting style, often breaking stories, landing exclusives, and holding the powerful accountable.

As an investigative reporter, he regularly produces hard-hitting reports that result in local, state-wide, and national change.

In his years with Action News, Carlson broke a number of major stories.

The unsolved murder of a rural teen was the story of the summer of 2014. Carlson lead the market with exhaustive and exclusive reporting, resulting in bombshell reports, including connecting the dots between the murder suspect and victim in the sensational crime story.

In November of 2014, Carlson exposed a deadly wait time for crucial parts in a major auto recall, getting the attention of Chrysler. The story was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Carlson reported live for hours, during Detroit's massive city-wide blackout in December of 2014, breaking crucial details.

In January of 2015, Carlson uncovered FAA data that showed an alarming rise of near-misses on the runways at Detroit's Metro Airport.

Also in January of 2015, Carlson continued his aggressive attempts to question comedian Bill Cosby about the sexual assault allegations against him. After a performance, Cosby went to such lengths as to use a decoy of himself to avoid questions from Carlson and his crew. The comical and telling turn of events made national news.

In June of 2015 Carlson was the only Detroit reporter on the scene directly after a major tornado in Portland, MI, and provided hours of compelling live coverage.

In July of 2015, an AWOL Marine and Michigan native at the center of a nationwide manhunt reached out to Carlson while on the run to tell his story. The phone call between the two helped lead the U.S Military to the suspect and his capture. The exclusive made national headlines, and played a central role in the military's criminal investigation against the Marine. Carlson's reporting was nominated for an Emmy Award.

In 2016, Carlson would cover and break a host of new stories.

In January of that year, the State of Michigan was rocked with the Flint Water Crisis. Carlson was one of the two lead investigative reporters on the national story.

Later in the year, Action News sent Carlson to Kalamazoo to cover the mass shooting of six people at the hands of an Uber driver, another story that would make national news.

He uncovered scandal and theft in the Ecorse School System, which led to further state investigation.

He broke the story of a local fire chief, arrested for domestic violence, and his history with alcohol while leading a major city department.

Carlson exposed a local schools superintendent, caught on camera fleeing the scene of a hit and run, which led to community-wide questions.

In the summer of 2016, Action News sent Carlson to New York City to cover the arrest of former Detroit city council president Charles Pugh, who was arrested for sexual assault. While there, Carlson broke a number of exclusive new angles in the ongoing case.

In July of 2016, Carlson aired a bombshell investigation, showing dash cam video of special treatment given to the son of a local mayor, arrested for driving 3 times the legal limit, resulting in a major traffic crash. The story resulted in the police chief launching an internal investigation.

Soon after, he would expose a local cop with a history of drunk driving, and a department which tried to look the other way.

Later in 2016 and into 2017, Carlson would expose a racist school board candidate, who was later forced to withdraw, a county judge accused of an affair with a trial witness, which would lead to a state investigation. He crossed the border into Canada to show the low cost of EpiPen medication compared to the U.S, uncovered employee misconduct at Detroit's Metro Airport, and landed an exclusive interview with the daughter of President Trump.

In the summer of 2017, Carlson was nominated for an Emmy as best investigative reporter.

Before coming to WXYZ-TV, Carlson reported and anchored for WNCN, the NBC affiliate in Raleigh-Durham.

For "WNCN Investigates," he uncovered health violations inside area school lunchrooms and local mall food courts, exposed local nursing homes with failing inspection ratings, exposed fraud at one Raleigh's biggest charities, discovered major fire safety violations in the state's largest school system, exposed fraud in the state's food stamp program, shed light on the state's epidemic of unlicensed drivers, tracked down the state's biggest tax cheat and uncovered North Carolina was owed more than a billion dollars in unpaid taxes, and caught on camera--one of Duke University's biggest fraternity's hosting an underage drinking party, which resulted in multiple arrests.

Carlson also reported live from Ft. Bragg, as President Obama marked the historic end of the Iraq war.

In the spring of 2012, Carlson spent weeks in Greensboro, as the lead reporter covering the historic campaign finance trial of former senator and presidential candidate John Edwards.

Carlson came to Raleigh-Durham from the top-rated WSPA-TV, also in the Carolinas.

In his time there, he covered every type of story, from breaking news to political coverage to investigations, many of which made local and national headlines.

Other major stories included flying to the North Carolina coast to file live reports from the Ocean Isle beach house fire, a tragedy which claimed the lives of seven students from Clemson and USC.

Carlson was also sent to Columbia to cover the 2008 South Carolina presidential primaries. During election season, he interviewed everyone from presidential candidate John Edwards to North Carolina Senator Elizabeth Dole.

His much-talked-about interview with Dole, questioning her controversial and explosive campaign ad she ran against her opponent, was quickly followed by her campaign pulling the ad and her eventual downfall in the election.

In June 2009, Carlson was one of the lead reporters assigned to the station's extensive coverage of the sex scandal that rocked the Capitol, as Governor Mark Sanford revealed an affair, which crippled his political career.

Also in the summer of 2009, Carlson covered the deadly rampage of a serial killer, who terrorized a rural community in Cherokee County, SC for days. His live reporting, as part of the station's team coverage the night the killer was caught, was nominated for an Emmy Award.

In January 2010, Carlson was sent to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to report on the aftermath of the deadly earthquake on the island. He flew aboard an Air Force C 17 jet, filled with support for quake victims.

Carlson came to WSPA from Sacramento, CA, where he reported and anchored at KTXL-TV, the Fox affiliate there.

During his time in the state Capitol, he reported on some of Northern California's biggest stories; from raging wildfires in the Sierra Nevada mountains, to the Oakland Bridge collapse, live coverage of high-profile executions at San Quentin, to politics and the famous Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Carlson went to Sacramento from WBBH-TV in Ft. Myers, Florida, where he reported for the powerhouse NBC affiliate.

While on the gulf coast, he covered breaking news stories of every kind, the most memorable, around-the-clock live coverage of multiple hurricanes.

Carlson landed his first television job in 2003 at WOKR-TV in Rochester, NY, the legendary station in that city.

Before entering TV news, Jonathan spent a number of years as a print reporter. He began his journalism career at the young age of 16, reporting for his hometown newspaper, and then moving on to larger city dailies.

A New York native, Carlson is a graduate of Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, where he majored in Broadcast Journalism.

Carlson is married and lives with his wife Jessica and their dog Bartlet, a Boston Terrier.