Ronnie Dahl


Ronnie Dahl joined the WXYZ-TV news team in February, 2013.

She got her start in news in Charleston, South Carolina while she was still attending college. 

One of her first jobs was behind the camera, producing the early morning newscast, which required getting up at 2 a.m.!

Before coming to WXYZ, Ronnie worked as a reporter for WJBK. 

Prior to that, Ronnie was an investigative reporter in Toledo, Ohio, where her job took her to Kosovo to cover troops serving in the region, and to the south following Hurricane Katrina.

From breaking news to public corruption, Ronnie has distinguished herself as a solid investigative and beat reporter whose diligence and determination puts her at the forefront of metro Detroit’s top stories.  

Ronnie is passionate about the people she meets on the streets and tells their stories with honesty and integrity. She is also willing to push the boundaries for a good story. 

From jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet in the air, to taking part in a homeless retreat on the streets of Detroit, Ronnie has proven - when it comes to reporting - the sky is the limit!

If you have a story that needs to be told, don't hesitate to reach out.  You can email Ronnie at