Working with the weather team

This summer I am interning in the weather department and am enjoying my time working with all the meteorologists and observing their forecasting methods.

I work mostly with Chris Edwards during the morning shows on Saturdays and Sundays and love waking up at 4 am...well almost.

I am learning about forecasting and trying to make it accurate. To do this, I look at different forecast models and, understanding some of their flaws, create my forecast.

In addition to working with Chris Edwards, I also intern with Dave Rexroth before his evening broadcasts. The main skill I am working on with him is learning how to explain the "why" of a weather event, without getting too nerdy. I try to get down to the main reason the weather is happening and think of a way to explain it to others without sounding too boring and informational.

If I said something like: the temperatures will be near 90 due to compression heating ahead of the cold front; you probably don't know what compression heating is. So working with Dave helps me look at other ways to explain the weather.

Also, I have recently worked with Hally Vogel ,the station's newest meteorologist. It's fun working together trying to understand a computer system that is not, let's just say, organized very logically. But through all of our struggling, it is gives us time to talk about how she started her career. Meteorologists are predominantly male, so it is nice to have someone to look up to.

My main goal for this summer is to increase my forecasting skills using what I have learned at school and from the station's meteorologists.

I am currently working on a verification project, which reviews mine, as well as, the station meteorologists' forecast. I record the forecasted high temperatures and precipitation chances of each forecast day and look for any forecast trends. This project will help increase mine, as well as the station meteorologist's forecasting skills by preventing personal tendencies.

As the summer continues, I will begin practicing my broadcasting and presentation skills in front of the Chroma Key aka the "Green Screen". I will learn how to present the weather, creating storylines, body movement, and talking to an audience in terms they will understand.

I currently help create graphics and text for shows and the web page, but I hope by summer's end I can present a forecast that would, if were possible, be put on the air.

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