Tom Leyden reads to River Oaks Elementary students

March is Reading Month

As “March Is Reading Month” wraps up, WXYZ Sports Director Tom Leyden stopped by River Oaks Elementary School in Dearborn Heights to visit with Mrs. Rollins’ 4th grade class on Thursday, March 27.

Tom read “Mudball” to the fourth graders, but also talked about his job at Channel 7.  They discussed the NCAA Tournament and Tom gave the kids some tips on how to fill out their brackets next year.

It was “Super Hero Day” at River Oaks, so many of the students were either dressed as super heroes or had their faces painted.

Tom answered some interesting questions about the Pistons, Red Wings, Tigers and Lions and also revealed that one of his favorite presidents was Grover Cleveland because he’s the only president to serve a pair of non-consecutive terms.

Earlier this month, WXYZ’s Alicia Smith and Nima Shaffe also read to students at River Oaks Elementary.

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