Vic Faust and Alicia Smith celebrate March Is Reading Month as students try to break reading records

Morning anchors share love of reading from A to Z

(WXYZ) - Diving into a good book or two…or three… or 10,000 is something elementary school students in our area are focused on this month.

7 Action News This Morning anchors Vic Faust and Alicia Smith have been making the rounds to help celebrate March Is Reading Month.

“I had the chance to read to some kids at Warren Immaculate Conception Ukrainian Catholic School.  Mrs. Preston’s class was very attentive and intelligent,” said Faust.

“Just about every kid there speaks English very well. They also speak Ukrainian. There are a lot of intelligent kids.  They understand how important reading is," said Faust.

He read Honey Bunny Funny Bunny by Marilyn Sadler.

Alicia Smith was one of 19 adults who participated in Maple Elementary School’s Annual Guest Reader Day on Friday, March 21.

“I’ve done this three years in a row at this school, and I’m really impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the students and the staff each year,” said Smith. “The teachers set a theme for March Is Reading Month and decorate the halls with gusto to get the kids excited about their reading goal.”

Principal Laura Mahler said the theme this year is “Wild About Reading.”

“It’s related to the rain forests,” said Mahler.  “We’ve challenged the kids to read 15,000 books this month, and many of them are about the rain forests but certainly not all.”

Every year the school invites community leaders and educators into the classrooms to read to the students.

"It's really important for the kids to see adults from different walks of life share how reading is important to them and how they're using reading in their field of work," added Mahler.

When Alicia Smith was there, teachers told her the kids were already nearing the 10,000 book mark in their month-long reading challenge.

Smith read Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods That Make My Day by actress Jamie Lee Curtis.  She was honored to read to Ms. Hirsch and Ms. Bell’s 2nd grade classes.

To see clips from Faust and Smith’s reading adventures with the kids, click on the video player above.

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