Southfield mom follows dream and starts natural skincare line, Mom's a Genius

(WXYZ) - In Yolanda Williams’ kitchen, she’s whipping up some butter. But this isn’t for eating.

What she makes is body butter. She takes shea or mango butter, adds some essential oils, and whips it to just the right consistency.

She also makes sugar scrubs from her home, and beautiful smelling soaps, with natural ingredients like lemongrass and chamomile and calendula.

They’re all part of Yolanda’s “Cream Blends” line of natural products.Making them started as a hobby for this busy mom of two, but then friends and family couldn’t get enough.

“I told my husband one day, I think I really want to start doing these body products, really turning it into something,” she explains. “He told me ‘hobbies, or hustles, turn into million dollar businesses. If it’s something you’re passionate about, you won’t have a problem getting up every single day to do it.’”

He’d know, he’s an entrepreneur himself. He owns the shoe store Burn Rubber in Royal Oak. But back at home, Yolanda already had her hands full, with one year old Mason and six year old Ricky, and a full-time job.

“As  women, we always seem to put things on the back burner, to support our children, support our husband, and then our dreams get put on ice, well I’m taking my dreams off ice, and just going for it.

She began researching recipes, and learning the ins and outs of creating this stuff.

“I can’t reinvent the wheel making soap,” she says. “Soap has been around for years, body butters, sugar scrubs, I’m just tapping into a market that’s already flourishing.”

Back in November, she launched her website,, and the orders starting pouring in.

“I would say a couple thousand dollars within the first couple weeks of launching.” There are so many requests I’m getting for orders that sometimes I’m even afraid to open my email and reply because I’m a one-woman show.”

Her products are now being sold in a handful of salons around the area, including Liquid Salon in Bloomfield Hills and 6 Birmingham. She still has her full-time job for now, but someday she hopes Cream Blends is such a success, that it can become her full-time work.

“To still be able to run a household, make money on the side, still be able to take care of your duties as a wife, as a mother, it’s awesome!”

You can check out Cream Blends by clicking here

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