Cable network launches for dogs

(WXYZ) - The first ever television network that's target demographic is your dog is now making its debut in the San Diego market.

"DOGTV" is aimed at helping relax, stimulate, and entertain your pet.

Creators say it was scientifically developed and tested for four years.

"DOGTV provides customized television entertainment, while the rest of the family is away at work or too busy to play. Studies show it relaxes and stimulates our dogs -- keeping them healthier and more content," says Gilad Neumann, CEO of DOGTV.

No word yet on when it will be available in other markets, but it will cost $4.99 a month in the San Diego area.

Watch some of the sample programming that is available on DOGTV below:

Would you purchase a subscription to DOGTV? Leave your comments below.


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