Cedar Point shows off its new coaster, the Gatekeeper

Sandusky, Ohio (WXYZ) - When Cedar Point opens to the public on Saturday, expect the longest lines to be at its newest roller coaster: The Gatekeeper.

7 Action News Reporter Kim Russell and Photographer Mike Krotche got to test out the ride during a media preview event this week.

It is a unique ride at the park in that it is a winged coaster.  When you are on the ride, you are neither above nor below the track.  Rather you are next to it, on a "wing".

This makes for a very smooth ride.  It is meant to feel as if you are flying. 

The coaster cost about $30 million to build, and broke 7 world records according to Cedar Point.  Just a couple of them, it has the longest track and drop of any winged coaster.

The coaster actually goes right over the entrance gates to the park, hence the name "Gatekeeper."

To read more about it at Cedar Point's website click here. 

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