Aerosmith home to become Boston landmark

Officials in Boston, Massachusetts are set to honor hometown heroes AEROSMITH by turning the band's first apartment into a local landmark.

The Walk This Way legends will make a special appearance in Boston on Monday (05Nov12) as 1325 Commonwealth Avenue is recognized for its role in the group's history, and guitarist Joe Perry is excited to return to the place they called home four decades ago.

He tells breakfast show Today, "They've been wanting to turn our apartment, where we started the band, into, like, a landmark or something, so they're gonna put a plaque up there... and we're gonna show up and wave and all that and we may actually pick up our guitars and play a couple of songs."

Monday is going to be a big day for the Boston band - Aerosmith are also planning to perform on the streets of their hometown to promote their new album Music From Another Dimension on the eve of the presidential elections next month (Nov12).

The band's 'Pre-Election Day Party' will take place at noon at an as-yet undisclosed area of the city.

The open-air gig will kick off the second leg of the band's Global Warming Tour, which will get underway on 8 November (12).

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