Jennifer Lopez joins Eminem in the effort to sell cars

What do you think of this ad?

WXYZ - Fiat-Chrysler is again hoping star power and music will help it sell cars, but will it work again?

It started with Eminem's successful ad for the Chrysler 300, which made its debut during the Super Bowl. The automaker drew a parallel between Chrysler and Eminem, who overcame obstacles in Detroit to find success.

Then, last night Jennifer Lopez kicked off an ad campaign during Monday Night Football.

In the 30 second commercial, JLo is seen driving a Fiat 500 Cabrio convertible. She manuevers around people and vehicles as she is chased by crazed fans, is pulled from the vehicle by two muscle men, then dances in the street.

The ad at the end asks, "Like the car? Go online. Like JLo? Get in line."

Once again, the ad is trying to draw a parallel between a star and the car. The ad seems to be attempting to create the illusion that the car is in just as much demand, is just as hot -  as JLo.

While the comparison between Eminem and Chrysler is built on facts, the comparison between the Cabrio's and Jennifer Lopez's allure is not--so far.

The Cabrio went on sale in the U.S earlier this summer, and sales have been sluggish.

Granted, Fiat-Chrysler says that is partly because all of its Fiat dealerships have not yet been opened.

Action News wants to know what you think about this ad. Does it hit the mark? Does the Cabrio seem out of place when driven by Jennifer Lopez? Would you consider buying a Fiat? Vote in our poll ( it is a fun one ) or leave your comments below to let us know what you think.

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