Could Juan Pablo be the most controversial bachelor yet?

(WXYZ) - He started out as the hunky Venezuelan single dad that women all across America were going crazy for.

However, things quickly changed for Juan Pablo as he became the center of attention for all the wrong reasons.

Shortly after the season began, he came under fire for a comment he made in regards to a gay or bisexual bachelor, and how he didn’t think it would set a good example for kids.

He attempted to fix the situation by blaming it on a language barrier.

Then, last week, he caused a stir once again when he re-tweeted a post that mocked people with mental disabilities. He later deleted it and blamed it on “cultural differences."

He followed it up by saying “some people need to TRAVEL and get around the WORLD…the U.S. is a GREAT country but there is a LOT out there #openyourmind #learnculture.”

His run as The Bachelor ends tonight during a 3-hour event starting at 8:00 right here on 7!

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