Local expert says recording found in Michigan attic contains an unreleased Elvis Presley song

(WXYZ) - Have you ever heard the 1976 Elvis song "Living to Love You"? Probably not. That's because the unreleased tune apparently sat in a Michigan attic for years before being authenticated by a local audio expert.

You can see both Carolyn Clifford's report and hear a clip from the song in the video player on the left.

Forensic audio expert Ed Primeau tells 7 Action News that the recording found its way to him after being discovered in the family home of the song's original copyright holder.

That man, Albert Leigh, had produced the song around 1976, but it was never released. He passed away. A recording and accompanying documentation would later be discovered by family members in west Michigan. They uncovered a reel-to-reel recording and a cassette tape which contained multiple versions of the song.

Primeau provided 7 Action news with a clip of the song and believes "Living to Love You" was recorded by Elvis Presley at a studio in Detroit.

"There's only one person who sounds like Elvis," said Primeau. "It's definitely Elvis Presley.'

The audio expert used spectrum analysis to compare the voice of Elvis on known recordings to those on the recently discovered tape. He says it is indeed The King.

He says he was given three versions of the song to analyze. They were compared to other Elvis songs that were produced around the same time in 1976.



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