Marshall's Dark Horse brewery to be featured on History Channel reality series

(WXYZ) - The History Channel's newest reality series is featuring a Michigan original - the Dark Horse brewery.

Dark Horse Nation will take viewers behind the scenes at the brewery as owner Aaron Morse and his team work hard to produce the craft beers that Dark Horse is known for. It will also show how they play hard in their down time.

In addition to Aaron Morse , the show's cast will include his father, Bill "Wacky" Morse , John "Cabe" Churchill , Bryan Wiggs and Ryan "Chappy"Chapman .

Opened in 1997, the brewery now distributes their beers to 12 states, including Michigan. The other states include Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New York, Virginia, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and North Carolina.

In their own words, Dark Horse is "Making bad ass beer in Marshall, MI."

The show will follow the Dark Horse crew as they experiment and find new ways to turn their brand into a household name.

Dark Horse Nation premieres with two episodes at 10:00 p.m., Tuesday, July 29 on the History Channel. Check with your cable provider for the exact channel listing.


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