Play Words with Friends with a celebrity in a charity competition

(WXYZ) - The popular internet based game Words With Friends has launched a Celebrity Challenge that will see $500,000 to charity.

Eight celebrities are playing in a special tournament that will run through October 3. Those playing are Detroit area native Kristen Bell, Sophia Bush, Jonah Hill, Eva Longoria, Edward Norton, John Legend, Snoop Lion and Boston Celtics captain Paul Pierce.

Each celebrity will have a share of the prize to the charity of their choice. The star with the highest scores will win the biggest share.

However, this Celebrity Challenge comes with a social networking twist. You have the opportunity to join a celebrity's team and play words in their games, helping them to score points in the online game many have compared to Scrabble.

As you progress, you're also competing with other players for the chance to be entered into the Play a Celebrity Sweepstakes where the winners get the chance to play against their team's celebrity.

You can play Words with Friends through iPhone, iPad or Android apps, as well as online on Facebook and game developer Zynga's website.

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