Psychics interpret pets' thoughts

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. (WXYZ) - Lorrie The Pet Psychic has been tuning into the thoughts of animals for 18 years,  appearing on Oprah after she helped locate a local dog who was blown away by a storm and then found alive.

"I feel very honored, you know, because I get to give animals a voice.  Especially with the older pets that are getting ready to cross over and their owners get to say goodbye," said Lorrie.

7 Action News reporter Tara Edwards and her dog Taz met Lorrie at The Pet Beastro in Madison Heights for a reading.

She also caught up with Psychic Eve who told 7 Action News, dogs communicate telepathically.

"People who have seizures a lot of times have a dog that warns him of seizure that's coming," said Psychic Eve.  "People have had dogs that have sniffed out cancer. People with heart conditions have dogs."

Taz suffers from epilepsy.

"He wants more attention because he worries that if he's sick you're going to think he's too much work," said Psychic Eve.  "I think it runs through his mind because he can get a little bit obsessive at times."

Lorrie The Pet Psychic was full of surprises.  She predicted Taz would soon get a girlfriend.

"He says there's enough of me for everybody," said Lorrie.

Psychic Eve picked up on his alpha male personality.

"I think he likes his hair a little longer," said Psychic Eve.  "He prefers it that way.  He feels more, I don't know, macho more desirable."

You can contact Psychic Eve at (248) 761-9366 or visit .

You can contact Lorrie The Pet Psychic at (734) 493-3190 or visit .

For more information on The Pet Beastro visit .

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