Remaining four 'Stars' will have to perform three dances in semifinals

CLEVELAND - Only four couples remain on "Dancing with the Stars" and three more dances separate them from the championship competition.

On Monday night, the remaining stars must perform three dances, which will consist of two unlearned dances and a relay routine.

Green Bay Packer Donald Driver and Peta are working on a waltz and a samba. Donald has the chance to hit both of these out of the park; he has the energy for a samba, but has proven he's got the grace for classical dances.

After last week's elimination, Donald tweeted, "Rehearsal was crazy. Very tough this week. @PetaMurgatroyd is pushing me hard, but I will have it all down by Saturday. That is our goal!!!!"

Classical singer Katherine Jenkins and Mark are practicing a quickstep and a salsa. Since classical is right up Katherine's alley, she should do well with the quickstep.

Katherine tweeted, "It's been a long day (midnight here) and we're still training but still smiling - well at least I am! ;)."

Actor William Levy and Cheryl are planning a tango and a samba. Latin dances seem to love this Latin actor as much as he loves them; he should do well with both.

William tweeted, "The samba it's getting better and Tango too... I think will be in shape for Monday ;-)) we are rehearsing like crazy."

TV host Maria Menounos and Derek will perform an Argentine tango and a jive. Derek has provided some of the show's most memorable tangos in the past, and Maria has proven she has the energy for a jive.

Add in the dance relay routine, and Monday night should be quite a show.

Last week, the six remaining couples had two dance to do, and the show held a double elimination, sending home the two lowest scoring stars.

You can watch the semifinals competition Monday night at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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