Couple faces judge for allegedly killing 80-year-old woman

WXYZ - The couple accused of killing an 80-year-old woman in Royal Oak is expected in court for a preliminary hearing Friday morning.

Nancy Dailey was found dead in her home on November 20 th.   A massive manhunt followed.

Two days later police arrested 48-year-old Alan Wood and 40-year-old Tonia Watson, a homeless couple that had been living near Daily's home.  Police say they caught the two when they used their victim's credit cards at a Canton Township Meijer Store.

Detectives say Watson confessed that the two tied the elderly woman up, tortured her until she gave them pin numbers for her bank account, and then slit her neck. 

Police say the two killed Dailey, because they didn't want to leave a witness.

The two were charged earlier this week with murder and numerous other charges. 

According to state records they both have a long criminal history.

Woods has been convicted of numerous crimes including home invasion, breaking and entering, and arson.

Watson has served time for weapons charges and even escaping jail.

If convicted, both face life in prison.

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