Dominick's Law may give Michigan the nation's toughest child abuse laws

(WXYZ-Lansing) - Michigan could soon have the toughest child abuse laws in the country.

Thursday State lawmakers voted to approve Dominick's law.

The legislation was put together in memory of Dominick Calhoun.  The Argentine Township 4 Year old died after suffering days of torturous abuse at the hands of his mother's boyfriend in 2010.  Police say Brandon Hayes went into a rage after the child wet himself on a sofa.

The bill allows for longer sentences for those convicted of child abuse.  It makes it a crime for witnessed of child abuse to ignore it and do nothing.  It also adds penalties for those  who commit abuse in front of other kids.

Neighbors heard the abuse happening in Dominick's apartment over the course of days, but never called police for help,

"From this day forward child abusers are going to have to deal with Dominick's Law," said Rick Calhoun, Dominick's grandfather.

The governor now has to sign the bill for it to become law.

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