Woman who took in Tucker Cipriano charged with drug crimes

Farmington Hills, Mich. (WXYZ) - The woman who at one time took in murder suspect Tucker Cipriano is now facing drug charges.

On Friday night Farmington Hills Police arrested 47-year-old Christine Frederick at her home on Haynes Street.  Saturday morning she was arraigned for manufacturing marijuana, a 4 year felony, and possession of marijuana, a 2 year misdemeanor.

"She is a medical marijuana patient," said her attorney Steven Schwartz.  "Obviously,  under medical marijuana laws you are allowed to have marijuana."

"I am glad to hear she was arrested," said one man who showed up in the hopes of watching her arraignment.

He said he didn't want to share his identity, but wanted to speak out against what Frederick allows to happen in her home.  He says his son spent time there, until he got in trouble for things happening there.

"She allows teens to party there. He is banned from her home. "

Frederick is known for taking in young people.  She has said she knows what it is like to not have a place to go and was in the system herself.

She took in Tucker some time ago.  He and a young man named Mitchell Young are charged with the death of Tucker's father Bob Cipriano.  Police say they beat him and two other family members with a baseball bat.  Tucker's mom and brother remain in critical condition.

Frederick recently spoke out in defense of Cipriano, telling 7 Action News that he'd always had problems dealing with the fact that he was adopted.

"She is a good person. She is going to school to be a child psychologist.  She wants to help people," said Schwartz.

The Farmington Hills Police Department does not release specific details regarding on going drug investigations. However, according to Farmington Hills Police Chief Chuck Nebus, last nights arrest of Christine Frederick is related to an on going drug investigation. It is not related to the Cipriano murder case

A preliminary examination date is scheduled for May 9 th at 2:00pm.

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