Chaos outside Detroit City Council meeting calls for crowd control

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit continues to struggle as a city in crisis, having to call extra police for crowd control to the City Council meeting today. People were outside trying to get in and are fed up.

Folks say their voices are being silenced and that they would not give up on trying to get into the meeting.

At the top of the list is a proposed contract with the law firm, Miller-Canfield. Many think it's a conflict of interest because the firm helped draft the consent agreement between the city and state.

Council will vote today and the outcome could decide whether or not the city will get $10 million from the state. Council members are desperate, because the city faces bankruptcy possibly as early as mid December.

Citizens are also fired up over a deal that they say was railroaded through City Council that would allow Hantz Farms to buy 1,600 parcels of land in Detroit.

"There's only five people in there, they could switch rooms," says Shea Howell, one of the people trying to enter the meeting today.

Council member JoAnne Watson called to have the meeting moved to the auditorium. However, that's not possible because the auditorium was booked.

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