Signs your kids may be sleep deprived

(WXYZ) - The weekend could hold the biggest clues in finding out if your kids are sleep deprived.

Researchers say kids who try to make up sleep on the weekends may be at risk.

One warning sign of sleep deprivation is kids who sleep past 9 a.m., according to Dr. Jyoti Krishna, who treats pediatric sleep disorders at Cleveland Clinic.

"That tells you there is a sleep debt that has been incurred during the week that is being paid off during the weekend," Dr. Krishna says.

Children who are not sleep deprived tend to sleep the same amount of hours each night.

Their mood may also give parents a hint.

If your child is crabby during the week, but in a better mood after sleeping in on the weekends, they may be sleep deprived, Dr. Krishna says.

If your child is showing one of these signs, it may be time to talk about ways to get to bed earlier.

Dr. Krishna says another solution is keeping the same sleep schedule on the weekends and during the week.

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