Turning conception into a rewarding experience for women with a new option

ROYAL OAK (WXYZ) - Mother’s Day is always special, but for moms who once thought it was virtually impossible to conceive it can be quite emotional.

Carolyn Clifford interviewed a specialist in Royal Oak who is making the sometimes rollercoaster ride to motherhood a smoother one.

From invitro-fertilization to adoption when the joy of motherhood is not coming along in a timely enough or natural manner, there are always options.

Including a method that’s been around for 2000 years and its fast becoming popular thanks to the ancient art of Chinese medicine.

They come into this world in different shades, weight and sizes. Button noses and twinkly eyes whether packaged in bundles of one, two or three newborns are magical.

Sometimes the road to motherhood is not so smooth. There are bumps, curves and road blocks that can stop conception in its tracks.

Jennifer Dugan was an avid runner with only nine percent body fat and having a baby was a dream on hold because she stopped having her menstrual cycle.

Then she came to see a specialist who has been using the same method the Chinese have used for 2000 years to conceive. Acupuncture. Jennifer was all for it.

Jeffrey Rogers is a board certified acupuncturist with a practice call Acupuncture Wellness in Royal Oak. He’s been helping women fulfill their dream of motherhood for 7 years with a 65 percent success rate.

Rogers gets referrals from endocrinologists in the area who are helping women conceive through invitro fertilization. Rogers says acupuncture usually works within 3 to six months. The first treatment will last about 90 minutes, then it’s one visit per week for about an hour after that.

Rogers has helped nearly 300 patients conceive and has a baby wall of fame complete with glowing letters of thank you and praise.

These tiny miracles who deliver a lifetime of joy.