How I know I'm turning into my mother and why I'm looking forward to it

DETROIT (WXYZ) - It's official. I'm turning into my mother.

Quit laughing. This is serious.

Speaking of laughter, it's one of the many traits my mom and I share. When my dad gets her going, it rings through the house like a siren, calling family members together to see what the commotion is all about. It's almost always accompanied by tears and sealed with a snort.

Guess who else snorts when she laughs? This girl.

Snorting aside, it's uncanny how much we sound alike, especially on the phone. When I answer in the same sing-song tone as she, her girlfriends inevitably launch into a conversation on their weekly wedding or baby shower co-hosting efforts for so-and-so's daughter.

In recent years, those same friends are flabbergasted by how similar I look to my mom when she was my age.

She was a knockout. I'm flattered.

Maybe this whole turning into my mother thing isn't so bad.

For starters, she still thinks my father who is moderately funny at best, is the most hysterical man on the planet. It's evidence that she's still wildly in love with him after 40 years.

She still shares in the bond of friendship with women she's known for decades.  Then they shared a ride to Catholic school in a powder blue Dodge Dart convertible. Now they share photos of their grandchildren.

And after 36 years in the business, she's still an incredible mother. If parenthood were a profession that required a formal application process, mommy headhunters would be knocking down her door. Her resume would read, "Girl Scout Leader, Room Mom, Team Chauffer, Cheerleader, Keeper of the Peace, Healer, Family Cook, Gardener, Maid" and the list goes on.

She's a loving wife, steadfast friend and dedicated mom.

I'll be lucky to turn into a fraction of the woman she is.

Happy Mother's Day, Cher. I love you.

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