Yogurt Pepsi, Tuna Mayo Doritos, Seaweed Pringles and other crazy snack flavors around the globe

Who do you think set a world record for most new Facebook fans in 24 hours? No, not Charlie Sheen back when he was winning. And not The Avengers movie either, though that's a good guess.

In fact it was a potato chip. Last April, Frito-Lay's Facebook page got over 1.5 million new "likes" in one day. That's a lot of instantaneous fans.

And maybe it's not such a mind-blowing number if you look at the mind-blowing new flavors capturing the attention of chip fans worldwide. Recently, the New York Daily News highlighted Russia's affection for Red Caviar potato chips (it's especially popular in Moscow, where they love their caviar).

Here are some other snack food flavors that you probably never would have dreamed of. You just have to guess what country is chowing down on them. Hint: If you're lazy and want to answer "Japan" for all questions, you'll be right a lot of the time. Scroll down to the bottom for the answers.

A. Pepsi: This country offers a suspiciously anti-freeze-colored flavor called Ice Cucumber. Additionally, you'll find Azuki Bean, Shiso and Pepsi White (yogurt flavored).

1. Japan 2. Taiwan 3. Singapore

B. Pepsi II: You can buy both Ice Cream and Cappuccino flavored Pepsis if you're here.

1. Italy 2. Russia 3. Spain

C. Tang: Here, the powdered drink mix goes upscale: It comes in tropical fruit flavors like Tamarind and Mandarin; there's also a Hibiscus version.

1. Mexico 2. Portugal 3. Taiwan

D. Oreos: In this country, you'll find Green Tea, Raspberry-Blueberry and Mango-Orange versions of the cookie.

1. Sweden 2. India 3. China

E. Pizza Hut Pizza: Home of the Hot Dog--Stuffed Crust pizza; it's drizzled with mustard.

1. Belgium 2. Germany 3. United Kingdom

F. Doritos: The list of outrageous Dorito flavors is long here - Coconut Curry, Tuna Mayo ("gourmet," according to the bag), Sausage, Steak, Yuzu and Crispy Salmon.

1. China 2. Japan 3. South Korea

G. Doritos II: Roasted Turkey chips are popular here.

1. Germany 2. United Kingdom 3. Taiwan

H. Kit Kats: This country is home to such flavors as White Chocolate Espresso, Salt & Caramel, Green Tea, Caramelized Sweet Potato, Blueberry Cheesecake and Blood Orange.

1. Italy 2. Japan 3. Sweden

I. Pringles: Among the versions of the amazing Pringles potato chip - Soft-Shell Crab, Grilled Shrimp and Seaweed.

1. Singapore 2. Mexico 3. Greece

J. Potato Chips: Based on a traditional appetizer in this country, the Pickled Cucumber chip was introduced last year; it's already the fourth most popular flavor.

1. Japan 2. Russia 3. Sweden

K. McDonald's Burger: Everyone should get this one right - the McAloo Tikki is a fried potato-pea patty topped with special sauce and ketchup, served on a bun. They've also got the McSpicy Paneer - crispy fried paneer cheese topped with creamy sauce and lettuce.

1. Singapore 2. India 3. China

Answers: A(1); B(2); C(1); D(3); E(3); F(2); G(3); H(2); I(1); J(2); K(2)