No wrapping paper? No problem. Tips on how to use household items to wrap your holiday gifts

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) - You've purchased gifts for everyone on your holiday list! Now what? 

Just when you think the toughest part of the season is over, there is one daunting task that continues to dance in your head like sugar plums: wrapping all of the presents.

We caught up with Lisa Gleeson of Lisa's Gift Wrappers in Royal Oak to have her show us how to use household items to replace traditional wrapping paper and really make presents pop.


1. Dish towel wrap
Tired of the same old wine bag dressing? Use a dish towel to turn a bottle of wine or olive oil into a uniquely packaged holiday present. Simply lay a folded towel out flat, tuck the sides in to make it a little less wide, wrap the towel around the bottle and secure with a rubber band. Fluff up the top after you have it secured. Don't forget to decorate with a ribbon bow or small kitchen utensils.

2. Index card gift tag
Personalize your holiday gift tags using simple index cards. Grab a glue stick and paste a scrap of wrapping paper on the lined side of the card, trim off the excess paper, and voila: an instant gift tag.

3. Tarp/shower curtain wrap
As funny as it may sound, a tarp or shower curtain can be a lot easier to use when trying to cover a large or oddly shaped present. The best part is that it's dual purpose! After your friend or family member opens their present, they can use the shower curtain or tarp. Grab some colorful duct tape and construct a bow. Duct tape is now sold in multiple colors and designs.

4. Brown paper bag wrap
This is just another great way to reuse your brown paper grocery bags. Cut off the handles and use pine cones and simple twine to decorate the outside.

5. Whimsical comic paper
The funnies aren't just for laughs. Grab a page of the comic section and use that to wrap gift boxes. The best part is that the page is already a decent rectangular shape. Jazz it up with a fancy bow made out of pipe cleaners or comic scraps.

6. Pipe-cleaner bow
Looking for a more quirky bow to put on your present, opt for pipe cleaners instead of ribbon. Wrap the chenille stems around your finger to create different squiggle-shaped stems, pair it with a keychain or other small gift to make the design pop.

(Click through the photos above to see examples)

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