Meet Daisy our Pet of the Week

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Meet Daisy, she's our Michigan Humane Society Pet of the Week.

Daisy is a sweet, social and curious kitten who is looking for an active home that can provide her with a lot of attention.

Daisy should be kept indoors at all times to prevent from injury and disease. It is also recommended the soft paw verses declawing is chosen for Daisy.

Daisy's eyes, ears, nose, teeth and coat have all been checked and are normal. She had no fleas at the time of her evaluation.

If you would like to adopt Daisy please call the Michigan Humane Society Detroit Center for Animal Care at 313-872-3400.

If you decide to adopt Daisy it is recommended you contact your vet within one week discuss future vaccinations, proper nutrition and other preventative care.

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