New GPS tracker and email alerts for roaming pets

(WXYZ) - Is your dog a modern version of Houdini? Is Rover known to roam the neighborhood?

Communications giant Qualcomm is marketing a new tracking device that claims that it will alert you if your pet manages to escape.

The tracker, called Tagg, includes a GPS device  that will help you find Fido's location on a map. The rechargeable tracker attaches to the dog's collar.

According to the company's website, Tagg works in a couple of different ways. First, you can set up a Tagg zone, and it will send you a text if your dog goes outside its boundaries. Second, the GPS will allow you to find the pet on a map. Android and iPhone apps will also be available.

Tagg will sell for $99.99, plus an additional $7.95 for a monthly service. Audiovox will do the actual marketing. The website says Tagg will be sold through major pet stores as well as a few big box chains. 

Tagg won a Design and Innovation award at this year's Consumer Electronic Show.

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