A Whole New You: Raydiance For Women

Raydiance For Women is a 3rd generation, family-owned and operated company.  With 53 years of caring experience, Raydiance For Women has invested, researched, and perfected the most innovative hair loss solution for any situation so they may lend a guiding hand to those who have lost their hair or who face the possibility of hair loss.

They’re not a typical wig shop where a person can walk into and try on different shapes and styles, however.

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PHONE: 248-855-8845

They pride themselves in making everyone who comes in feel confident, secure, and able to improve their self-image, all with a caring and healing touch in an environment that is understanding and supportive.  That’s the purpose of Raydiance For Women.


Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Does the hair piece to look natural?
    A. Yes! Of Course! We use the finest materials in the industry, and we will design it to look just like you. We will match your color, cut, style, volume, density, and texture. So that it is undetectable!

#2. Will the hair piece be comfortable?
    A. We custom fit everything here to fit you and only you. We will tailor the hair piece to insure a perfect fit!

#3. Will I be able to handle it or work with it on my own?
    A. Yes, we will go over the steps on how to place the piece on, and how to handle it, and make sure that you have practiced it in our office with us watching you to make sure that you understand it.

#4. Can the hair piece be washed it at home?
    A. No, We do not recommend washing a hair piece at home. It needs to be treated like a garment that you would dry clean only. One of the many services we provide here is taking care of the piece for you!

#5. How long will the hair piece last?
    A. We work on your hair piece for an incredible 4 years! We are a custom design hair replacement company and we do everything in our offices here. We have the ability to repair pieces and maintain them to help the pieces last the full 4 years.

#6. How long does it take to make a custom hair piece?
    A. Usually our pieces take anywhere from 2-6 weeks. It really all depends on the situation. Sometimes with our Chemotherapy ladies, they have an urgency that we need to attend to right away. We never let them go without hair, so we must turn those around quickly.