A Whole New You: Instafirm Body Wraps

Instafirm is the only body wrap spa in Michigan using the LASlimWrap - The wrap used by celebrities. The Electro Body Sculpting is known as the busy person's workout. A one hour session is equivalent to 6 hours in the gym.

Interest free payment plans available for all services.


Phone: 248-879-4818
Web: http://www.instafirmbodywrap.com/



Q: How long do the results last when I do a body wrap?
A: 4-6 weeks as long as you are not gaining weight.

Q:  Is this water weight I'm losing?
A:  No it is toxins that are in your fat cells

Q:  Is this healthy?
A:  Yes, very we are actually detoxing you.

Q:  How often can I do a wrap?
A:  Because we are not dehydrating you, as often as you like.

Q:  With the Electro Body Sculpting, how long before I see results?
A:  Usually within 4-5 visits.