Healthy Bacco Dishes

Biga (yeast) is a starter ingredient and the natural fermentation in the pizza dough – ongoing living organism that takes five days to yield a dough that's ready to be baked. Biga took Luciano three years to develop.

Aglio e Olio Biga Pizza: ingredients are garlic, olive oil, roasted tomato, asparagus, olives and artichoke

Pizzeria Biga offers white pizza (no sauce) and red pizza (with sauce) as well as vegan options.

Sauce can have high levels of sugar, oil and sodium – a healthypizza sauce option is fresh basil, oregano, crushed black pepper, minced garlic, fresh tomatoes or cans of reduced sodium tomato paste, puree or sauce

Garlic: can relax blood vessels and increases blood flow - reducing cardiovascular risk and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol; research shows that it can protect against various cancers including breast, prostate and colon. To maximize health benefits at home, crush garlic at room temperature and let it sit for 15 minutes – this will boost healthy compounds

Olive Oil: High in fat but it is monounsaturated fatty acids (a healthy fat).  It should still be used in moderation but it is a healthier substitute in comparison to butter. Olive oil lowers cholesterol and can help manage blood sugar levels, especially beneficial for type 2 diabetes.

Roasted Tomato: Numerous antioxidant benefits, promotes cardiovascular health, helps lower cancer risk

Asparagus: Reduces pain and inflammation – fights against arthritis and osteoporosis; reduces risk of heart disease; can detoxify our systems and support our kidney functions

Olives: heart-healthy antioxidants; they are rich in vitamin E and have numerous anti-inflammatory properties; contains healthy monounsaturated fat.  Green olives have higher levels of antioxidants, black olives have less sodium – both are good sources of iron, copper and vitamin E.  Healthier olives are traditionally cured, not lye-processed

Artichokes: low-calorie antioxidants and nutrient rich; canned artichokes are usually marinated in oil; fresh cooked or frozen options will have less sodium and sugar

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