Pediatric Burn Care

Pediatric burns result in 2500 deaths and over 100,000 of emergency room visits every year. Burns are a # 4 cause of death in children under the age of 15 and the #1 cause of accidental death occurring in the home.

In addition to the acute effects of injury, burns can result in a prolonged convalescence with long-term disability as scarring and contracture interferes with recovery of full function. Comprehensive burn care provided in a timely manner results in earlier and more complete recovery and return to home and school.

The St. John Providence Pediatric Burn Care program treats children under the age of 15 who have sustained burns from scalds, flames, chemicals and contact with hot objects. We treat burns involving less than or equal to 15% of the body surface area.

Our burn team includes nurses, nurse specialists, intensivists, pediatricians and residents. The emergency room staff, dietitians, occupational and physical therapists, social workers, case managers, and child life therapists all play in integral role. Our families also receive support for their spiritual needs.

At St. John Providence, the family is involved in the child's care right from start. They are taught the importance of adequate nutrition, adequate sleep, and distraction in maintaining and assisting with the mental and physical recovery from injury. Parents often struggle with the guilt associated with an accidental injury and they receive support from nurses, physical therapists, and social workers as they work through the healing process.

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