St. John Providence Virtual Spine Center

For many spine patients, seeking relief for their spine problems is a complicated and lengthy process. Much of the delay can be due to coordination of care. That’s where the St. John Providence Neuroscience Center of Excellence can help.

Here’s how it works:

Contact the Virtual Spine Center via NeuroOnCall at 1-888-885-7828.

The Virtual Spine Center coordinator will compile a comprehensive medical history of your neck and/or back pain over the phone. Results/films of diagnostic testing that may have already been performed are collected. In most cases the coordinators are able to retrieve MRI films for the patient as an added convenience. Coordinators will also complete the necessary preauthorization for insurance.

Your information is then sent to one of our spine specialists for review. Our specialists include neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons who specialize in a broad range of surgical procedures including minimally invasive spine surgery, spine fusion, complex spine surgery and spine revision surgery.

The spine specialist will provide recommendations in a treatment plan designed specifically for the individual patient. This may include an office consultation, additional treatment such as physical therapy or additional testing.

When diagnostic tests or physical therapy is recommended, Spine Center coordinators will work to schedule appointments for these services in the location as convenient for you as possible. If you need an appointment with one of our spine specialists, the Spine Center nurse navigator will coordinate the visit.

Your and your primary care physician will receive progress reports throughout the course of your diagnosis and treatment, and the coordinators of the Spine Center can be contacted as often as needed to help with questions or concerns.

To get started contact the Virtual Spine Center at 1-888-885-7828.

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